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Ningxia Guanghua Activated Carbon Co. Ltd. ( former Ningxia Guanghua Activated Carbon Factory ) was established in 1987, which has now developed to a big and leading enterprise specialized in research(R), production(P) and marketing(M) of activated carbons, and now has total assets RMB65.00 billion. Its headquarters is located in No.65 West Xinchang Road of Yinchuan City, and it's production base in Nuanquan Industrial District in north suburb of Yinchuan city, with a total factory area of 100,000 square meter.
Since its establishment, our company has won great reputation among the customers at home and abroad, thanks to our advanced business philosophy and technology, excellent products quality and services. "Ningxia Guanghua" has become a well-known brand in the line of activated carbons in both China and all over the world.

"NIngxia Guanghua" activated carbons are produced, by high-temperature vapour activation, mainly of high-quality TaiXi coal as raw material which is of low ash content, low sulfur, low phosphorus, high mechanical strength, high activity and high BEC area. We can also produce various extruded activated carbons based on coconut shell, nutshell and wood. All of our products has gained good reputation due to its excellent performance, steady quality and neat appearance.

"Ningxia Guanghua" activated carbons have over 60 different varieties out of 10 main product series, amount which the extremely low ash carbons, high-adsorption carbons, chemically impregnated carbons are our representative ace products which are unique and excellent and enjoy very good reputation in the industry of activated carbons. We can also produce various activated carbons with different applications, different specifications and different grades according to customers' different requirements.
Our business philosophy ---- FAITH, INNOVATION, DEPLOITATION and PROGRESS!

We have a production capacity of 15000 mt/year, in which 6000 mt/year can be deeply processed to high grade. All the key production sections have basically realized of automation control. We have strong product research power and complete trial-manufacturing equipment so we are able to develop and trial-produce various new products technically and practically. We have been granted with ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for our products QC system and ISO 14001: 2004 Certification for our environmental managing system. We have complete testing and analysis equipment and measures so we can perform different test methods/standards according to customers' requirements, and some of the special tests have reached to the international advanced level.

Ningxia Guanghua has rapidly and steadily developed to such a leading activated carbon company thanks to all our person' hard working, to our successful management and conformity of internal and external resources, to our company's tenet - "Customer being our God" and to our business philosophy "Faith being the fundamentality".
We would like to develop and meet with huge success together with all our new and old customers.

Ningxia Guanghua Activated Carbon Co., Ltd..